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350ml Hypochlorous Acid Disinfection Water Generator with Fogger Spray

350ml Hypochlorous Acid Disinfection Water Generator with Fogger Spray
Brand: SWSC
Product Code: 4144-5100
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[extensive application]
It is OK by one hypochlorous acid water generator even if I do not go to buy a sanitization agent, 
a deodorant. Sanitization most suitable for sanitization water, sanitization, deodorant measures to 
make from a salt solution. As I could make air purification, restroom cleaning and sanitization, 
deodorization of diaper Peer, the sanitization of the kitchen article, the deodorization of a pet smell, 
the cigarette smell, the prevention of the mold in the bathroom, every virus measure, the sanitization 
water that there was many it at a time, the dirty place became beautiful when I sanitized space with 
the next sub-water which I purified. In the home where a child going to a nursery school and the 
kindergarten comes to, this thinks that it is to an essential item.
[PC material] The detergent maker is made with a PC material. In the PC body, impact-resistant 
(200 times of the normal glass I have few risk of the damage.) , transparency, incombustibility are 
heat-resistant, and there is a cold-resistant characteristic. Please use it for relief.
It is corrosion-resistant and evades longer life, a high current density, superior energy saving effect, 
secondary pollution
[operation method]
I add a homemade disinfectant generator, edible salt and water and produce hypochlorous acid water 
disinfectant after electrolyzing five minutes
[in detail]
An environmental protection electrolysis cell: It is hygienic and is hard to corrode by security
A PC material of the environmental protection grade: I am safe and am durable and am hard to be 
[99.9% sterilization]
Portable personal care, A built-in nozzle operation principle: Edible salt + tap water = disinfectant 
(electrolysis salt water) is eco-friendly, and necessary one is only normal salt and tap water to make it 
one that it is harmless and is chemical in non-toxicity.

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